Charge Your iPhone with Your Body

The Hottest Airplane Seat in 2021 First class? Nope. Exit row for more leg space? Not even close. To see the most requested seat on your next flight, click here » You’ll Never Buy These Amazon Products Amazon just announced three new products. But it’s not likely you’ll get your…

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"The Big Apple Boom" — 15% Yield

New York is one of the toughest cities in the world. But because of the coronavirus pandemic, many are saying NYC might be on its last legs. With businesses closing in record numbers, home prices falling, and crime rates spiking, they’re saying New York is on the verge of falling…

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Investors Spot Opportunity Amidst Mental-Health Crisis

Here are a few examples of “the new normal” most of us can relate to: Wearing a mask. Washing our hands obsessively. And perhaps worst of all, feeling stressed and anxious. In fact, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, 42% of people surveyed in December 2020 reported anxiety or depression.…

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A Laptop with Seven Screens

Flying Taxis are Coming If you’ve been waiting for flying cars to arrive, we’ve got some good news: a major airline just invested $1 billion into making them a reality. Find out when you’ll be flying » 90-Year-Old Man Spends $10,000 to Publicly Humiliate AT&T At one time or another,…

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Unlock $144,000 in "Hidden Income"

Matt updated you yesterday on one of the biggest stories of the decade… But it’s getting almost no coverage from the mainstream news. You see, the U.S. Social Security system is on the verge of going BANKRUPT. For tens of millions of people, this is a catastrophe. They’ll be left…

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Social Security Chief Admits the Truth

Will the government take care of your financial future? You be the judge… On the new White House website, the Biden administration clearly lists its priorities. They include controlling Covid-19, tackling climate change, and advancing racial equity. See anything in there about fixing Social Security? I sure don’t. This is…

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New Tesla Won't Cost You a Dime

New Google Feature Makes Sure You’re Not Dead Email, maps, voice-assistants — Google does it all. But this new feature might take the cake. Read more here » “I Am Not a Cat” When a lawyer in Texas joined a court proceeding via Zoom, a filter replaced his face with…

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Pot-Stock Renaissance

It’s been a while since we covered pot stocks. The fact is, after the sector surged several years ago, excitement about it died down during the Trump years. But now — with a new administration in D.C., more states slated to legalize cannabis, and the idea of federal legalization gaining…

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Wow, No Cow — But Milk These Profits

“Terrible.” “Inescapable.” “Weird.” That’s how people on Twitter described Oatly’s Superbowl commercial. In case you don’t know, Oatly makes oat milk, a plant-based milk alternative made from oats. And its commercial stood out because, well, it was so bad. The ad (you can see it here) features the company’s CEO…

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Gorgeous New York Real Estate — Now Dirt Cheap

New Apple Device has Twelve Cameras There have been plenty of rumors about Apple’s new Virtual Reality headset. But a leak from The Information finally reveals the details. Get the scoop » Hands-Free Shoes! With these new sneakers from Nike, you can forget about needing to use your hands to…

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