Could You Land a Plane? You Might be Surprised

New Social Network Allows Just 100 Posts for Life Spending too much time on Facebook? Give this new social media platform a try. It allows each user just 100 posts. After that — well, here’s what happens » Check Out This “Cave” Robot DARPA, the government agency behind the internet and…

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Biden Admin Does NOT Want You to Get Rich

I’m a registered independent… And I’ve voted for Democrats and Republicans in the past. So, please understand, I’m not writing a “hit piece” today. But I recently made a disturbing discovery: Buried inside an 881-page bill from the Biden White House is a proposal for a new law, and this…

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Get Paid Like a Rock Star

When I was a college freshman, I tried to buy my friend’s autographed Bob Dylan poster. At the time, I was obsessed with Dylan’s album “Blonde on Blonde.” So when I saw the poster on my friend’s dorm-room wall, I blurted out the biggest number I could think of: $100.…

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Apple Might Owe You Money

This Spacecraft Is About to Smash into an Asteroid NASA’s latest spacecraft has a rather violent mission: to deliberately crash itself into an asteroid. It sounds crazy… but our planet’s entire existence may depend on it » Drunk Man Joins His Own Search Party A man in Turkey spent hours…

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Get Drunk and Make 4x Your Money

Are the rich really so different from everyone else? Some say we’re all the same. After all, we all put our pants on one leg at a time, and no one’s immune to inconveniences like the common cold. But in at least one big way, the rich really are different.…

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This Hamster is Outperforming the S&P 500

Amazon’s New Robot Is Spying on You Amazon just unveiled “Astro,” a robot built to help around the house. But with all its sensors and cameras, it may just be the company’s most sinister surveillance device yet. Learn more » This Paint Can Eliminate Your Air-Conditioning Bills With a coat…

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How to Position Yourself for Infinite Wealth

Right before our eyes, an astonishing new sector is taking shape. In fact, it could soon become the most valuable sector in history. Before I tell you what it is, consider the size of some of America’s biggest industries: Consumer Goods — in other words, all the clothes, food, and…

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This Beer is Illegal in 15 States

A Juicy Steak — from a Vending Machine? Originally, they sold candy, cigarettes, and sodas. Today they offer everything from headphones to cars. What’s next for vending machines? A juicy ribeye » The Science Behind that “New Car” Smell It ranks among the best scents in the world, up there…

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Unlock $144,000 in "Shadow Income"

Yesterday, Matt updated you on one of the biggest stories of the decade… But it’s getting almost no coverage from the mainstream press. You see, the U.S. Social Security system is on the verge of going BANKRUPT. For tens of millions of people, this is a catastrophe. They’ll be left…

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