The Truth Behind Trump's Tariffs

Unlike many of my colleagues, my major in college wasn’t finance or economics. Instead, I majored in East Asian Studies. And as part of my studies, I learned how to speak, read, and write Chinese. One of the first things I learned was that, in Chinese, the word for “crisis”…

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The "Losers" of Trump's Trade War

Want to make money from Trump’s trade war? It’s easy to do… you just need to separate the “winners” from the “losers.” You see, Trump’s new tariffs will impact a huge number of companies and industries. Some will benefit, but others will get crushed. If you’re looking to profit from…

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U.S. Nuclear Weapon System Just Got Hacked

Facebook is Following You Facebook’s new tech gadget features a motion-activated camera that can follow you around a room. For a company trying to win back the trust of its users after some nasty data breaches, this is a curious move. Will you trust this thing? » Your New Car…

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Wow — Buffett's NEVER Done This Before!

Warren Buffett just shocked the financial world with his latest investment. No one saw this coming… That’s because in Buffett’s seventy-year career, he’s never made an investment like this before. Today, I’ll reveal all the details… Including why he made this investment, and how you can get in on the…

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5 Unexpected Sectors Being Transformed by Marijuana

As medical marijuana goes mainstream, it’s disrupting the $2.8 trillion healthcare market. But thanks to some of the lesser-known attributes of the cannabis plant, it’s set to impact other massive markets, too. For investors, this could mean billions of dollars in new profit opportunities. So today, I’ll introduce you to…

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Facebook Might Owe You $8,000

This Treat Could Help Dementia Patients After his grandmother was rushed to the hospital due to dehydration, Lewis Hornby decided to create a water-based treat. As it turns out, his invention might help those suffering from dementia. Read more here » Did You Get a Text Message from the President?…

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My No 1. Trick for Earning Guaranteed IPO Profits

The Wall Street Journal reported some big news last week: Slack, the popular messaging app, is about to go public. In case you’ve never heard of Slack, here’s what you need to know: Its IPO will be one of the most valuable public offerings of the last decade. And given…

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Scientists Opening Real-World Jurassic Park

Replaced by Robots: A Case Study Students in New Zealand have become the first in the world to have their teacher replaced by a robot. And according to education experts, they won’t be the last. Read more here » The Line for Outer Space Starts Here Elon Musk promised to…

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How to Survive the 2020 Recession

Did you see this announcement from Matt yesterday? If not, it’s very important that you read today’s article and then click that link. You see, as Matt explained yesterday, some of the smartest money on Wall Street is predicting a major recession in 2020. Some are comparing it to the…

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