Crypto, Crypto, and More Crypto

By Wayne Mulligan, on Thursday, December 20, 2018

Yesterday, Matt kicked off one of our annual traditions at Crowdability…

He gave you a rundown of our most popular articles from the past year.

Well, today, I’ll be introducing you to a second tradition we have:

As we head into a new year, we aim to identify three major trends we believe will have the most profit potential in the coming 12 months…

And then we give you specific steps to take to profit from them.

In today’s article, we’ll look back at last year’s predictions, we’ll see how we did…

And most importantly, we’ll see what this means for you right now.

Shaking Things Up

As mentioned, our goal each year is to identify three big profit trends…

But last year, we shook things up:

Instead of presenting you with three trends, we decided to focus on just one of them.

We did this because we believed the profit potential from this single trend was larger than all other market trends combined.

Can you guess which trend I’m referring to?

The Crypto-Currency Megatrend

When we published our 2018 forecast last year, crypto-currencies were soaring.

Bitcoin was trading at close to $20,000, and Ethereum was sitting at about $1,400.

But over the past 12 months, these leading cryptos have fallen by as much as 90%.

At first glance, it may look like we missed the mark with our 2018 predictions.

But let’s look closer…

Wall Street’s Trillion-Dollar Crypto Takeover

In last year’s forecast, we explained that the next run-up in cryptos would be triggered by a new source of capital.

You see, in 2017, cryptos skyrocketed because of all the “Mom & Pop” investors jumping into the sector.

But that’s not where the real money is. The real money comes from institutional investors, from investment banks like Goldman Sachs, to multi-billion-dollar hedge funds.

When these institutions move into a new asset class, they bring trillions of dollars with them — and all those dollars can cause asset prices to soar.

Our research indicated that 2018 would be the year when institutional investors started investing in this space.

And as it turns out, we were 100% correct…

The Crowdability Crystal Ball

In February 2018, online banking company Circle acquired Poloniex, one of the largest crypto exchanges.

At the time, most analysts didn’t know what to make of this news…

But for us, it confirmed that our predictions were coming true.

You see, most folks didn’t realize that Circle was partly owned by Goldman Sachs. In other words, Circle’s acquisition of Poloniex was an under-the-radar move by Goldman to get an early foothold in the crypto market.

And once other institutions realized what was happening, they quickly jumped in, too…

Wall Street Makes its Move

Just weeks after Goldman’s Poloniex buyout, similar news started flooding the headlines:

  • Forbes reported that Fidelity was rolling out an institutional platform for Bitcoin and Ethereum.

  • Fortune broke the news that The New York Stock Exchange “Wants to Bring Bitcoin to Your 401(k)” through the launch of its new crypto exchange.

  • The Nasdaq announced a deal with VanEck — a $47 billion ETF and mutual fund company — to launch a series of crypto-backed ETFs and Mutual Funds.

The list goes on and on, but the bottom line is this:

At the moment, the entire crypto-currency market is worth just $122 billion…

That’s just 0.1% of the $93.8 trillion in assets controlled by 500 of the world’s largest institutional investors.

If they shifted just 1% of their assets into cryptos, this market could rocket higher by 1,000%, and possibly far more.

Timing is Everything

Our predictions about the crypto market were right on the money.

Unfortunately, when it comes to investing, you can be “right” and “wrong” at the same time.

You see, nearly one year later, Wall Street institutions are still getting their ducks in a row.

Their crypto initiatives won’t “go live” for several more months. And that means their trillions of dollars in capital are still sitting on the sidelines.

So even though good news keeps coming out, without fresh capital, prices continue to fall.

This has caused many investors to slow down their crypto investing, and it’s caused others to pull their money out of this market entirely.

The thing is, this presents us with a significant opportunity…

The Opportunity of a Lifetime

Imagine walking into the grocery store and seeing that everything’s on sale…

Prices are cut by 90% across the board. All the items that cost $10 yesterday are now on sale for just $1.

What would you do?

Would you walk out the door empty-handed and wait for things to go back to full price?

Or would you load up your cart and buy all your groceries while they’re still cheap?

Well, this is exactly what’s happening right now with cryptos:

You have the opportunity right now to pick up the same assets you could have last year, but for 90% less.

How to Play It

And that explains why we’re continuing to invest in this market.

By getting in now, when these cryptos are “on sale,” we’re putting ourselves in position to earn a fortune next year.

You see, once Wall Street launches its crypto initiatives, it will finally be able to deploy its capital — and when that happens, crypto prices could rocket to new all-time highs.

Obviously, you’ll have to make your own decisions about this. But I’d advise you to make this decision with your head, not your heart.

In times like this, it pays to be logical, not emotional.

Like Warren Buffett says, if you want to make money as an investor, you have to be fearful when others are greedy, and greedy when everyone else is fearful.

Happy investing.

Best Regards,
Wayne Mulligan



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