Get Ready for the "Bitcoin Bounce"

By Matthew Milner, on Wednesday, July 18, 2018

It’s been a brutal six months for crypto-currencies.

Bitcoin, Ethereum, and hundreds of other cryptos have gotten crushed, falling 70% or more from their peaks.

But everything is about to change...

You see, we believe we’ve already hit rock bottom. And now — just like it’s happened 12 times before — cryptos are set for a massive rally.

But to make a fortune on this latest “bitcoin bounce,” you need to be prepared.

So today I’ll show you how to get ready…

This Is When Fortunes Are Made

For the last few weeks, we've been telling you about the current crypto bear market, and we’ve shown you a number of ways to profit from it.

But as Wayne explained last Thursday, one of the most surefire ways to earn a fortune from a bear market is to invest before the market turns.

More specifically, by investing in the right cryptos today when prices are extremely low, you'll be putting yourself in position to earn huge, fast gains when the market rebounds.

Investors who’ve followed this strategy in the past have gotten rich.

Let me prove it to you…

12 Crashes — And an Easy $1.39 Million

In the last seven years, Bitcoin's price has crashed by at least thirty percent 12 separate times.

The crashes are always caused by the same things: fear of regulation, hacks or hacking attempts, and negative statements from influential investors.

But every single time, not only has Bitcoin fully recovered, but it’s gone on to reach new highs.

To show you what I mean, here are just three of the 12 examples:

  • Between September 14, 2010 and October 8, 2010, Bitcoin fell 94%, from 17 cents to 1 cent. But within 40 days, it had recovered fully — delivering a 1,600% gain.

  • Between June 8, 2011 and November 17, 2011, Bitcoin again fell 94%, from $32 to $1.99. But it soon recovered fully, creating a 1,504% gain.

  • And between November 30, 2013 and January 15, 2014, Bitcoin fell 85%, from $1,166 to $170. But once again, it fully recovered, which created a 585% gain.

If you’d simply bought on these three “bear-market dips” and sold when they recovered, you could be sitting on a small fortune right now…

You could have turned a tiny $1,000 stake into $1,392,000.

(And by the way, if you’d bought at all the 30%+ dips, that $1,000 would be worth more than $200 million — can you imagine?)

The thing is, this rebound is about to happen again. There’s just one difference:

This time you could make even more money…

1,635 Ways to Profit

You see, in the past, Bitcoin was essentially the only crypto-currency out there.

But the world has changed a lot in the last eight years or so…

Today there are more than 1,600 different cryptos — which creates 1,600 more opportunities to make money!

You see, other cryptos tend to follow Bitcoin’s lead… so as soon as Bitcoin rebounds, the best cryptos will rebound right along with it.

But when is Bitcoin going to turn?

Get Ready for the "Bitcoin Bounce"

The answer is simple:


Our leading indicators — a proven set of indicators Wayne and I have developed over the past four years — are telling us we’re currently at the bottom of a bear market.

Even more importantly, our indicators are telling us that this market is about to move higher.

And when this market starts moving higher, those who are prepared will make a fortune.

So if you’re a member of Crypto Fortunes, not only will you be receiving a new recommendation later this month, but you’ll also be receiving a portfolio update that tells you exactly which cryptos you should be “doubling down” on right now.

Stay tuned!

Happy Investing

Best Regards,
Matthew Milner
Matthew Milner


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