How To Turn $500 into $1.05 Million in 24 Hours

By Matthew Milner, on Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Last week, a small group of investors hit it out of the park.

On a single investment, they made 2,100x their money.

That’s enough to turn $500 into more than $1 million...

Or $5,000 into more than $10 million.

Today I’ll show you how they did it…

And then I’ll reveal how you could do it, too.

Stay in Touch

I’m writing this article from Crowdability’s headquarters in New York City.

But every few minutes, I’m in touch with my colleagues from our offices in Baltimore, San Francisco, or South Florida.

We go back and forth about new investments…

Send around spreadsheets or files to review…

Or sometimes, we just tell everyone where we’re going out for dinner that night.

But we don’t communicate via phone, or email, or text.

Instead, we use a tool called Slack. Basically, Slack is a messaging app that makes it easy to collaborate with your team.

And last week, the company that created it went public on the NYSE with the ticker symbol, “WORK.”

Getting in on Slack’s Riches

If you’d bought shares of Slack at its opening price on Thursday, by the end of the day, you’d have made a profit of about 0.3% — that’s one-third of one percent.

That’s pathetic.

But a different group of Slack investors is probably still celebrating today…

In fact, they’ll probably be celebrating for the rest of their lives…

That’s because they earned enough on IPO day to never have to work again.

They Made 2,100x Their Money

The investors I’m referring to made 2,100x their money when Slack went public.

It might be hard to comprehend what a 2,100x return even means — but to start, I’ll repeat the numbers I mentioned earlier:

It’s enough to turn $500 into more than $1 million...

Or $5,000 into more than $10 million.

Have you already guessed who these “lucky” investors are?

In case you haven’t, let me tell you now…

Private Investors Take the Cake

They’re private market investors.

In other words, they invested in Slack when it was just a tiny private startup.

And by getting in so early, they were able to get in on the ground floor — when Slack’s shares were incredibly cheap.

That’s how they made 2,100x their money. And that’s why they’ll be drinking champagne and eating cake for the rest of their lives.

As Yahoo Finance reported:

“While private investors had plenty of reason to pop expensive champagne at the end of the San Francisco messaging company's first day of NYSE trading, the first day return by public investors was barely worth a Diet Coke.”

The Trick: Be a “Hoarder”

Yahoo Finance then summed up the situation very well:

[This] provides another reminder that the real money in most new company stocks is being hoarded by private investors.”

So that’s the trick to making 2,100x your money: hoard all the profits by getting into these companies before they go public — well before.

Ready to get started?

Here’s how…

Start Investing in the Private Markets Today

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And third, pay attention to your inbox tomorrow at 11:00 AM (Eastern).

That’s when Wayne will be making a special announcement about a free gift we’ll be giving to all Crowdability readers.

So stay tuned!

Best Regards,
Matthew Milner



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