Marijuana Goes Mainstream

By Wayne Mulligan, on Thursday, March 14, 2019

As we’ve been revealing for the past week, investors can make enormous gains in emerging industries…

And it all revolves around this dead simple chart:


This is the 3-Phase market cycle that every emerging market follows.

As Matt explained yesterday, the third phase is where new markets make the leap from “niche products” to mass-market blockbusters…

And Phase 3 is where companies, and investors like you, can earn extraordinary profits.

Today, we’re on the cusp of entering this phase for the legal marijuana market.

And if you get into the right investments right now, you could earn a fortune.

Let me explain…

Phase 3 Marijuana Profits

Industries entering Phase 3 have a number of common characteristics.

But their defining characteristic is that their days of producing niche products are over.

Instead, they’ve started creating mass-market products that can be bought or used by hundreds of millions of consumers.

This shift leads a number of companies to become industry leaders. And these leaders end up capturing the majority of the industry’s profits.

With the market for legal marijuana, we haven’t quite arrived at this explosive stage.

But we’re getting very, very close…

Steady Progress, Explosive Profits

The legal marijuana market in the U.S. has been growing steadily for twenty-three years.

It started in California in 1996, and since then, more and more U.S. states have enacted laws around marijuana use every year.

It began with legalization for medical purposes. But in recent years, states like Colorado, Washington and Massachusetts have made it legal for recreational purposes, too.

That means, in those states, buying marijuana is just as easy as buying a beer!

But to be clear, medical marijuana is only legal in thirty-three states so far, and recreational marijuana use is only available in nine.

That means marijuana is not a mass market product — not yet, anyway.

But once recreational marijuana is legalized at the Federal level, just like it was in Canada last year, the market will explode. Soon, everyone will be able to walk into a store and pick up some cannabis, just like they’d buy a six-pack of Bud Light.

As a point of comparison, the market for alcoholic beverages in the U.S. is massive. It generates over $200 billion a year.

But when marijuana enters Phase 3 and “goes mainstream,” we believe it could be even bigger than that.

Bigger Than Beer

That’s because cannabis has far broader applications than alcohol.

For instance, medical marijuana might be used to treat everything from cataracts to cancer — each of which is a multi-billion-dollar market.

Furthermore, hemp, a fiber that’s produced when growing cannabis, is being used for everything from clothing, to a replacement for talcum powder.

When cannabis enters Phase 3, it could become one of the largest industries in the world. And thus, it could produce some of the largest companies.

And by getting into the right companies now, you could earn massive returns.

Can you imagine if you’d gotten into a Phase 3 alcohol company like Budweiser — or a Phase 3 drug maker like Pfizer — just when it was getting off the ground?

From those two investments alone, you’d have earned a fortune.

Where to Invest for Massive Marijuana Profits

But now I need to explain something very important:

To earn the largest and safest profits from the legal marijuana market, do NOT invest in Phase 3 companies!

Given everything I just told you about how profitable Phase 3 companies can be, that might sound strange. So let me explain.

When a market leaps from Phase 2 to Phase 3, an explosion of innovation takes place:

Hundreds or even thousands of similar companies launch at once. And all of them are vying to capture the lead.

But as an investor, picking a winner at this point is like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

For example, when the Internet sector entered Phase 3 in the late 1990s, over two dozen search engines existed.

And Google, the clear category leader of today, was ranked just 15th!

Furthermore, “Search” didn’t even generate revenue back then. It was just a free tool.

Nobody could have predicted that Google would become the #1 search engine…

Or that it would go on to generate more than $100 billion a year in revenues.

How to Make “Marijuana Millions”

The bottom is this:

Trying to cherry-pick Phase 3 investments is a losing game.

But there is a way to pick profitable investments in the emerging marijuana market — and surprisingly, it’s a way to earn profits that are safe, consistent, and enormous.

And next week, not only will we show you exactly how to do it…

But we’ll show you how to get access to what could be our most profitable pot investment yet.

So stay tuned!

Best Regards,
Wayne Mulligan
Wayne Mulligan


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