Wall Street's Secret Crypto Profit Plan

By Matthew Milner, on Wednesday, April 11, 2018

In last week’s newsletter, Wayne and I revealed what could turn out to be one of the most profitable discoveries of our careers...

You see, we recently came into possession of a confidential document, leaked from an elite Wall Street financial institution.

The contents of this document lay out the plan of Wall Street’s most influential banks to dominate the crypto-currency market over the next 12 months.

Simply put, banks like J.P. Morgan and Goldman Sachs are about to pour an enormous amount of capital into crypto-currencies...

And not only will this push crypto prices to staggering new highs, but it will also put these banks in position to earn billions of dollars in profits.

Normally, individual investors like you and me wouldn’t know this was happening until it was too late — in other words, after all the big money had been made.

But because of the leaked document we uncovered, you now have the opportunity to capitalize on this situation like an insider.

In fact, we’re now going to reveal three specific “profit plans” that can help you take advantage of this rare opportunity.

Profit Plan #1: Back the Banks

One way to piggyback off Wall Street’s crypto investments is to invest directly in the banks.

For example, you can buy stock in banks like Goldman Sachs (NYSE: GS) or J.P. Morgan (NYSE: JPM).

By purchasing shares today, before they start executing their crypto-currency profit plan, you’ll be able to capture the upcoming increase in their value.

Unfortunately, there’s a major drawback to this strategy:

These banks are already highly valued.

For example, Goldman has a market cap of nearly $100 billion, and J.P. Morgan’s market cap is closer to $400 billion.

So even though these banks stand to earn billions by dominating crypto-currencies, the percentage gains in their stocks prices will be limited.

Bottom line: investing in bank stocks isn’t the best way for you to take advantage of this situation.

Profit Plan #2: “Crypto Stocks”

Once the banks start dumping money into the crypto markets, any investment even remotely related to crypto-currencies will start to rise in value.

That’s why the second way to take advantage of this situation is to invest in public companies that are specifically focused on cryptos.

For example, for the last few years, Nvidia (Nasdaq: NVDA) and Advanced Micro Devices (Nasdaq: AMD) have been building a special type of microchip. This chip helps miners produce bitcoin at a low cost.

Once Wall Street goes “all in” on cryptos, the stocks of these companies could go even higher — but just like bank stocks are already highly-valued, so are Nvidia and Advanced Micro:

AMD has jumped by nearly 300% over the past two years, and NVDA has soared by nearly 700% during the same period, so future gains will likely be limited.

And the thing is, aside from Nvidia and AMD, there are very few publicly-traded crypto companies that are legitimate.

Most “crypto stocks” have nothing to do with the crypto markets at all. Even worse, many are pump and dump penny stock schemes looking to fleece investors.

For example, look at Long Island Iced Tea Corp:

As its name implies, the company is based in Long Island and makes iced tea.

But when it announced it was becoming a crypto company and changed its name to “Long Blockchain Corp” (NasdaqCM: LBCC), its shares rocketed up about 500%.

The thing is, it’s not a crypto company — it’s still a maker of iced tea!

Then there’s Tulip BioMed, which used a similar strategy: after changing its name to “Bitcoin Services” (OTCMKTS: BTSC), its stock climbed 15,000%!

This is a classic pump and dump strategy. We saw the same thing happen during the “dot com” bubble of the late 1990s:

Tiny penny stocks added “dot com” to the end of their name, and their share price would rocket to the moon. But as soon as the market realized they weren’t legitimate Internet companies, their prices tanked — and investors like you lost their shirts.

And it’s the same thing all over again with cryptos.

Bottom line: there are far better ways to take advantage of this opportunity.

Profit Plan #3: Go Direct

The third way to profit from this opportunity is to invest in crypto-currencies directly.

But here’s the thing:

There are more than 1,500 crypto-currencies out there...

And as we learned in the document we uncovered, the big banks will only be focusing their attention on a small handful of them.

If you invest in the wrong ones, you could lose your shirt.

However, if you know the game plan the big banks are executing — and thus, if you know exactly where to place your bets — you could earn a fortune.

In fact, our research shows that you could potentially earn gains of 86,800%, or even more.

That’s like turning $100 into $86,800 — or $1,000 into $868,000.

That’s a life-changing amount of wealth.

But to be clear, you can only get access to gains like that if you know where Wall Street plans to put its money…

So keep an eye on your inbox tomorrow morning at 11 A.M. (Eastern)…

That’s when Wayne will walk you through everything we discovered from the leaked document we mentioned earlier…

From Wall Street’s specific plan to dominate the crypto markets, to the exact cryptos that could lead you to potential profits of 86,800% or more.

Happy investing.

Best Regards,
Matthew Milner
Matthew Milner


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