Warning: Don't Get Burned by Robinhood

By Matthew Milner, on Wednesday, March 31, 2021

The trading app Robinhood made some waves last week.

As Reuters and Bloomberg reported, Robinhood says it’s planning to “democratize” IPOs.

Basically, it’s planning to let ordinary investors like you buy shares of companies just as they’re going public. This might sound like a big deal. I mean, historically, it’s been nearly impossible for anyone but insiders and big institutions to snag such shares.

But this is a sucker’s bet.

If you really want to make money from IPOs, you need to do something else instead…

And today, I’ll show you exactly what it is.

Good Effort, Robinhood — But It Won’t Help

To set the stage here, don’t get me wrong…

We applaud Robinhood for trying to disrupt the traditional IPO process — a process that rewards insiders, and penalizes everyday investors like you.

Unfortunately, its plan won’t help you make money.

You see, as Wayne showed you last week, IPOs can still deliver huge windfalls…

But the only people pocketing those windfalls are private market investors — in other words, investors who buy shares of these companies when they’re still ground-floor startups.

To explain more about this, let me tell you a quick story…

The Sucker’s Bet

Right when a company called Nutanix was going public in an IPO, a bunch of investors scored shares in it.

These investors thought they were about to hit a jackpot. After all, Nutanix was in a hot sector — cloud computing — and its prospects looked great.

But as it turned out, Nutanix’s IPO was a dud. Its stock went up a measly 2.4%.

Meanwhile, if you’d gotten your shares in Nutanix when it was still a private startup, you actually would have hit the jackpot: you’d have pocketed gains of 532%...

The thing is, this sort of performance-boost from Pre-IPO investing isn’t unusual. I mean, just look what happened with a company called XPO Logistics…

XPO’s stock has done pretty well since its IPO. It’s gone up about 71%. That’s almost a double. Some might consider that a great return — but not me.

Why? Because XPO’s private investors pocketed gains of 6,900%!

71% versus 6,900%. Which one would you choose? It’s a no-brainer.

So — thanks anyway, Robinhood. We’d rather make some real money.

And now you can get your shot to earn returns like this.

You just need to know the “real rules” of investing…

Rules that involve what I call “Pre-IPO Cheat Codes…”

We Had Them Film Everything

For you to understand why these Pre-IPO codes are so powerful, I need to do more than just send you a simple email.

It’s not complicated, but it does require some charts and pictures, as well as some examples of the Pre-IPO cheat codes in action.

And that’s why we hired a camera crew in Baltimore last week. We had them film everything.

And now, for a very limited time, you can see the whole story…

It’s called the “Pre-IPO Cheat Code Project.”

Watch the World Premiere Today

In this controversial film, I reveal everything about how these “cheat codes” work…

From what they are and why you’ve never heard of them before…

To how you could use them today to claim shares in some of the world’s hottest private startups.

But I’ll also tell you some stories that’ll make your blood boil…

Like how some of the world’s most well-connected families have been using the codes to enrich themselves at your expense.

Access to the premiere of this film is currently free for all Crowdability readers. But it will only be available for a short time.

To watch it, just click here »

Happy Investing

Best Regards,
Matthew Milner
Matthew Milner


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