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The $300,000 Solution

As we’ve been explaining recently, America is in big trouble right now. The coronavirus is still raging across the country. 30 million people have filed for unemployment. And even with a vaccine in the works, it could be years before this crisis is under control. The thing is, to get…

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Make America WORK Again

It’s a vicious circle. As Wayne and I explained in our columns last week: Because of Covid-19, unemployment is going through the roof… Because people aren’t working, they’re not spending money… And because people aren’t spending money, companies are going out of business — which in turn, creates more unemployment. So…

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Ignore this at your own risk (Part 2)…

Yesterday, Matt told you about a serious problem we’re all facing: Unemployment. You see, whether you’re out of work… Worried about keeping your job… Or even if you’re already retired… This problem could have dire consequences for you — and for the entire country. Simply put, no matter who you…

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A Spoonful of this "Miracle Dust" Could Change Your Life

Last week, we showed you some of the “winners and losers” of Trump’s trade war. But trade wars are like a game of chess, and the tactics being used today (like tariffs, for example) are just a first move. There’s a bigger strategy at work here — a strategy meant…

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