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Did You Just Make 166x Your Money?

Last week, Unilever acquired a start-up for $1 billion. The start-up’s early investors made an estimated 166 times their money. Some of these investors were ordinary folks just like you. Actually… were you one of them? Get a Shave! The start-up I’m talking about is Dollar Shave Club. Dollar Shave…

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My Number One Investment Indicator

Before I make a big bet in the technology sector, there’s a special indicator I consult. I call it “The Peter Indicator.” Over the past 18 years, it’s been nearly 100% accurate. Today, I’ll tell you about it – then I’ll show you where it says to invest right now. Meet…

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In This Investing Battle, You're The Winner

With school out for summer, the trash-talking playground bullies have gone quiet. But in the halls of early-stage investing, the zingers continue to fly. The season’s most riveting grudge match? The Old-School Venture Capitalists versus The New-School Equity Crowdfunders! Today we’ll take a quick look at each side’s insults – and reveal…

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An "Auto-Pilot" Investment Strategy

Late last year, announced the use of “drones” to deliver packages. Drones are remote-controlled aircraft. They’re mainly used for military purposes. At the time, it smelled like a publicity stunt… Flying saucers delivering little brown boxes of books and shampoo? Really, Mr. Bezos? But as it turns out, it’s legitimate. In fact,…

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Creating Your Own "Super Fund"

A “hedge fund” is a fancy way to describe a straightforward investment vehicle: Basically, hedge funds are like mutual funds that offer – theoretically, anyway – higher returns. Most funds have high investment minimums and are privately held – therefore, they’re usually reserved for extremely high-net-worth individuals and institutions. The…

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