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What You Can Learn from Trump's "Twitter War"

Today, the President is expected to issue an unprecedented executive order targeting the country’s top social media companies. The order will instruct the Department of Justice to investigate these companies for unfair censorship. Regardless of how you feel about this issue, and regardless of what you may think of social…

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This is How to "Make America Great Again"

Since he first announced his candidacy in 2015, Donald Trump has been promising to “make American great again.” That’s a worthy mission — but here’s the thing: Cutting taxes and reducing regulations for big corporations isn’t going to help our country get back on its feet, and neither is slapping…

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The "Trump Method" for Building Your Nest Egg

Our President is a controversial and polarizing figure. Everyone seems to have a different opinion on the man. Even something as quantifiable as his net worth is up for debate. According to a filing with the Federal Election Commission, Trump is worth $8.7 billion... However, according to Forbes, his net…

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Trump-care 2.0

If President Trump follows through on his promises, the Affordable Care Act could disappear in 2017. For some, this will be a welcomed change. Between soaring premiums and high deductibles, many believe that “Obamacare” is deeply flawed. For others, however, Obamacare has been a godsend. Under the program, 22 million…

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21 Stocks to Buy Before Trump Becomes President

Russia’s Failed Internet Experiment Long before the World Wide Web, the Soviets tried to save the USSR with a computer network. Why did their project never make it? Nyet Internet! [Graphic Video] Athlete Killed by Social Media With all the new “live streaming” apps out there, the pressure is on…

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The Shocking Secret to Donald Trump's Fortune

Forbes estimates his net worth to be $4 billion... The man himself says the figure is closer to $10 billion... No matter which source you believe, one thing is clear: Donald Trump has become seriously wealthy. Many assume it’s due to his vast real estate holdings. But as you’ll learn…

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