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How To Beat the Pros in 2017

You’re just 30 days away from being part of a major milestone: As reported in Forbes, Crowdfunding is about to be bigger than Venture Capital. As we close in on this historic event, more and more everyday investors like you are jumping into the water—and more investment opportunities are popping…

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Get Rich With Just $100?

Several weeks ago, I caught a game with some buddies at Yankee Stadium. After buying tickets, some BBQ from Brother Jimmy’s, and a few rounds of Buds, we spent about $100 each. The Yankees won and we had a blast. Back in the office early the next morning, I reviewed…

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Revealed: Crowdfunding vs. Equity Crowdfunding

Here’s how crowdfunding works in a nutshell: Let’s say an independent filmmaker wants to shoot a new movie… Or an aspiring inventor has an idea for a new product… They both need capital to get their projects off the ground—but where can they turn? Historically, they’ve had limited options—they can…

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2015's Top Headlines

Matt and I spend a lot of time focusing on data. Every Monday morning, for example, we bring you hundreds of data points on new start-up deals from around the web... And if you’re a CrowdabilityIQ subscriber, you know that we crunch thousands of individual data points for each deal.…

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Time to Buy Bitcoin Again?

You rely on Crowdability to bring you the best deals. Now, rely on us to share the most up-to-date news, trends and opinion. You won’t find this stuff in the mainstream press. Look for it every Friday morning.  [Video] Google’s Drone Delivers a Treat Google’s gearing up to launch “Project Wing,” its drone delivery service. Check out this video…

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NASA vs. The SEC

Is there a certain subject where you’re an expert? For example, do friends and family come to you for advice about the stock market, or buying a car, or stereo equipment? Now imagine that you had an opportunity to make a great deal of money from your expertise—imagine you could…

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