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The Truth Behind 200,000% Returns

Historically, investing in private startups has helped investors earn astronomical returns. For instance, Facebook’s first private investor made 200,000% when it eventually IPO’d. That’s enough to turn $1,000 into $2 million — with just one investment! But not all private deals will be so successful. And furthermore, such investments come with…

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Wanna Bet?

When I tell people what I do for a living, I hear things like this: “The stock market!? That’s a real crap shoot!” “You invest in startups? I’d rather play the lotto!” “Oh, isn’t that like gambling?” Comments like that used to bother me. But not anymore. Nowadays, I take…

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The Real Secret to Successful Investing

Whether you’re talking about investing in the stock market... Investing in startups... Or even founding your own startup… One simple rule can help you identify the opportunities with the most profit potential... In the Beginning... Several years ago, right when Matt and I decided to launch Crowdability, we spent some time visiting…

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Retire On One Investment

Editor’s Note: Wayne is traveling abroad this week, doing research on new investment opportunities in the cannabis industry. So today, we’ll be re-publishing a popular article from our archives. This is a natural follow-up to Matt’s article from yesterday — where he explained why the biggest investment profits go to those…

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Simple Trick for Earning 10x Returns

Next week, SnapChat is set to IPO. When it goes public, the popular photo and video sharing start-up is expected to have a market cap of about $18 billion. At that level, Snap’s private market investors stand to make a fortune. In fact, even Snap’s investors who got involved late…

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The Best Investment I Ever Made

We often write about the extraordinary returns you could make in early-stage investing. And while investing in the private markets tends to be more profitable than investing in stocks, it’s not the most profitable investment I ever made. Today, I want to tell you the story of my most profitable…

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Drug Dealers Give Investing Advice

A massive market bursting with profits... Aggressive competition... And an entrepreneur who’s putting it all on the line. You might think I’m referring to corporate warfare—but I’m not: I’m talking about the world of drug dealing. But the interesting thing is this: By observing one world, you can learn what…

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The Absolute Best Way to Invest in Stocks

Wall Street is dying... Big brokers like Morgan Stanley are being replaced by more efficient alternatives, and traditional investments like stocks and bonds are falling by the wayside. It began with companies like E-Trade introducing online trading... And you can see it today as Peer-to-Peer Lending and Equity Crowdfunding find their…

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