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WARNING: This Risk Indicator Just Hit 241%

This should be the best of times for investors, right? After all: Stocks are at all-time highs. Interest rates are at all-time lows. And with most of the country vaccinated, now we can get back to business. But this isn’t the best of times at all. It’s just the calm…

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The #1 Question To Ask Before Making Your Next Investment

To avoid a bumpy ride when investing in early-stage companies, ask “Why now?” This “wisdom” is from our free whitepaper, The 10 Commandments of Crowdfund Investing. I’ll link to it below. For startup investors like you, this is a critically important topic. In fact, after evaluating a startup’s management team,…

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Read This or Go Broke

As Matt explained yesterday, we spent the past year sitting down with some of the world’s most successful early-stage investors. These folks have made fortunes backing private companies. But let’s be clear: they didn’t reap these rewards without taking on risk. So one of the critical concepts we researched was how they handled…

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How To Get a 10x Return

Let’s play a quick round of “Which Investment Is Less Risky?” Here are your choices: Start-up A: 7 years in business. Millions in revenue. Current value of $10 billion. Start-up B: 1 year of business. Hardly any revenue. Current value of $1 million. OK, so which investment is less risky?…

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The Worst Investment I Ever Made

The champagne was flowing. Music filled the air. Beautiful people were dancing, lounging, and having the time of their lives… That’s the image I had in my head when I wrote a check for what turned out to be the worst investment of my life. Dim Lights, Big City I…

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