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Punched in the Face with 81% Profits

“Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth,” according to boxing legend Mike Tyson. I wouldn’t last 10 seconds in the ring with Tyson. But in the markets, I could kick his butt. You see, when it comes to investing, I want to get punched in the…

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A Surprising Sector Is Showing Coronavirus Immunity

Forget the toilet paper and hand sanitizer. As Barron’s just reported, corporations are hoarding something else: semiconductors! We shouldn’t be surprised. Nowadays, these chips power everything from data centers and smart phones, to computers and home security systems. This explains why I believe the chip industry will bounce back so…

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Own This Stock To Future-Proof Your Portfolio

Can you guess what the next truly disruptive technology will be? Perhaps it will be artificial intelligence, like Venture Beat predicts. Or hyper automation, as tech-trend researcher Gartner expects. Or maybe it will be 5G mobile networks, per ZDNet. The list of possibilities goes on and on and on —…

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