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You can see it from space…

Wayne and I recently discovered a huge platinum deposit. It’s so big you can literally see it from outer space. But as I’ll explain today, its visibility has nothing to do with its size… Instead, it has to do with something far more intriguing… Something that could lead investors like…

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Scientists Opening Real-World Jurassic Park

Replaced by Robots: A Case Study Students in New Zealand have become the first in the world to have their teacher replaced by a robot. And according to education experts, they won’t be the last. Read more here » The Line for Outer Space Starts Here Elon Musk promised to…

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Revolutionary Device Fulfills Bible Prophecy

This Technology Can Teach You How to Dance Do you struggle to get your groove on? With the help of Artificial Intelligence, you’ll be moving like Michael Jackson in no time. Get the scoop here » This Elevator Takes Nine Days to Reach the Top Even at 125 miles per…

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These Machines Could Take Everything From You

Throw Out Your “Standing” Desk Now… Use This One Instead Work can take a toll on your mental health. That’s why researchers at MIT have designed a desk that senses your stress levels, and then uses technology (and psychology) to calm you down. See it in action here » High-School…

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Could This Start-up Put Elon Musk in the Poor House?

Elon Musk, the high-profile founder and CEO of Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA), is worth an estimated $20 billion… But we just discovered a tiny start-up that could leave him flat broke! This is bad news for Musk — but it’s fantastic news for investors like you and me. Let me explain… The Space…

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