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New Tesla Won't Cost You a Dime

New Google Feature Makes Sure You’re Not Dead Email, maps, voice-assistants — Google does it all. But this new feature might take the cake. Read more here » “I Am Not a Cat” When a lawyer in Texas joined a court proceeding via Zoom, a filter replaced his face with…

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Tesla Owners Help Solve Murder Case

We’re Running Out of TV! Sheltering for weeks and months during Covid-19 is giving us a lot of time to watch TV. But what happens when we exhaust all our shows? We’re about to find out » Get into Elon Musk’s Next Business Early Between the Tesla Cybertruck and a…

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Don't Shop "Black Friday" Until You Read This

Shakespeare Was a Fraud? William Shakespeare is considered one of the greatest writers in history. But now, through the magic of Artificial Intelligence, a stunning secret has been revealed. Get the scoop here » This Startup Is Aiming to Take Down Apple This startup found great success with its first…

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Now Facebook Wants Your Medical Records?

Your Boss Is a Robot Imagine arriving at the office on Monday to find that your boss has been replaced... by a robot. Would you be OK with that? » Top-Secret “Spaceplane” Lands in Florida A top-secret U.S. spaceplane just landed after spending 780 days in orbit. What was it…

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New "Pace Maker" for Drug Addiction

This Air Conditioner Fits in Your Pocket The summer heat has been brutal. But a new type of wearable device is here to help. Check out the “coolest” smart gadget on the market today » The French Government Desperately Needs Your Help If you’re a fan of “Star Wars,” or…

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Hackers Can Turn off Your Car — While You're Driving It

VIDEO: Tesla Explodes in Parking Garage Elon Musk has claimed that Tesla will soon become one of the hottest cars in the world. This probably wasn’t what he had in mind. Ka-boom! » Basketball… Football… Soccer… Speedgate? A new sport was just designed by using Artificial Intelligence. It even has…

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This Body Piercing Can Solve All Your Problems

Strap this on and Become a Rocketman If you’re dreaming of going to space, but you can’t stomach the $250,000 price tag for a Virgin Galactic flight, now you’ve got another option. It even comes with an official instructor. Blast off here » Michael Jackson Stole Your Old Computer Ever…

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Tell Mike To Get a Vasectomy!

[VIDEO] 0 To 60 in 1.9 Seconds… Move over, Ferrari. See you later, Lamborghini. It’s time for Tesla’s new Roadster 2 to take the spotlight. Want to see how it feels inside the cockpit of the fastest production car ever? Check it out right here » These Silicon Valley Execs…

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Fight Cancer With This "Magic Mirror"

Tesla’s “Secret” Second Floor Sure, Tesla’s factory has plenty of assembly lines and car parts. But if you know where to look, something far more surprising can be found there. What is Tesla hiding? » [Video] Old-School Supersonic In the midst of modern technologies like drones and self-driving cars, it’s…

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