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Amazon Can't Stop Spying on You

Defend Your Home with Glitter Bombs “Porch thieves” love swiping packages from your doorstep. But now there’s a creative way to fight back. Get the scoop » Use This AI Technology to Land a Promotion Remember the name “Nemesysco.” It’s an Artificial Intelligence startup. And its technology might very well…

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Mark Zuckerberg's No. 1 Investment Pick

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg threw investors a bone last week. During a 45-minute podcast, not only did he reveal why Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are the key to Facebook’s future success… But he tipped off investors about where to look for profit opportunities in these sectors. So…

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How to Get Apple to Send You $100,000

Ancient Worshippers Caught Getting High Archaeologists in Israel just discovered traces of cannabis on a 2,700-year-old altar. But were they really smoking pot at this shrine? Read more here » This Hospital is Live-Streaming Surgeries If you ever go in for surgery, be advised: your doctor might not be the…

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How to Spot a $400 Million Profit Opportunity

Investing in megatrends like Virtual Reality can lead you to huge profits… But only if you’re able to spot them early. That’s why, in his essay yesterday, Matt showed you a simple trend-spotting strategy: By watching where global tech companies like Apple and Facebook are investing and doing takeovers, you’ll…

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U.S. Nuclear Weapon System Just Got Hacked

Facebook is Following You Facebook’s new tech gadget features a motion-activated camera that can follow you around a room. For a company trying to win back the trust of its users after some nasty data breaches, this is a curious move. Will you trust this thing? » Your New Car…

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Google Knows When You're Going to Die

Get Your Hands on the Ultimate Spy Gadget Long before Apple unveiled a watch you could talk into, cartoon detective Dick Tracy wore a two-way radio on his wrist. Now, after seventy years, you can finally get your hands on the original Dick Tracy “smart watch.” Check it out right…

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