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Facebook’s Got a Top-Secret Division?

The Secretive Billionaire Who Toppled Apple in China The founder of Chinese smartphone brands Oppo and Vivo is convinced that Tim Cook didn’t have a clue who he was two years ago. My how things have changed » These Are YCombinator’s 52 New Start-ups Y Combinator had its 24th “Demo…

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Diamonds: Cancer's Worst Enemy

"If we find cancer early, 90 percent survive. If we find cancer late, 10 percent survive." The above quote, from Wired Magazine, helps explain why certain bio-tech start-ups are shifting their focus: They’re shifting from cancer treatment to cancer detection. Last week, one of these world-changing start-ups received some great press…

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Could Meta Be a Game Changer for 3D Printing?

Once or twice in every generation, a new invention will change the trajectory of entire industries – the assembly line during the industrial revolution, for example, or the Internet in the ‘90s. We, and many others in the technology community, believe that “3D Printing,” or “Personal Manufacturing,” is our generation’s…

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September 7th: Your $50 Million Payday?

Slipping a tight blazer over his tee-shirt, the entrepreneur bounded onto the stage. He glowed with confidence as he presented the vision for “Qwiki,” his technology start-up: Qwiki would automatically create short videos on search terms like Albert Einstein orLady Gaga. With sight, sound and motion, the search experience would become entertaining…

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