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Bellevue, WA

Labor shortages have left vacancies in industries like food service, construction, and manufacturing.

Many companies expected robots to fill these positions. But current options are expensive, require experts to program them, and are designed for industrial applications.

Notably, a company like Miso Robotics has found success creating robots for the food service industry, and achieved a $500 million valuation. Now demand for more robots is accelerating. That’s why Miso invested in an early-stage startup creating affordable, easy-to-control robotic arms. And now you can invest in it, too.

This startup is called Ally Robotics. Its focus is on creating robotic arms at-scale to enable companies to implement them to address labor shortage issues.

Ally Robotics is led by technology veterans from Microsoft, Black & Decker, and Nokia. In addition to an investment in the company, Miso Robotics has signed a Letter of Intent with Ally Robotics, which could generate thirty million dollars in revenue.

Team Background

Mitch Tolson - Founder & CEO
David Harder - Chief Operating Officer
$8.50 million
$122K (1%)
Current Valuation
$25 million
Min. Investment
Deal Type
Title III
(For all investors)
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