Audubon Bioscience

Providing Biological Material for R&D

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Houston, TX

Audubon Bioscience is a biotechnology company. It provides bio specimen solutions — bio samples, medical data, tissue samples — to pharmaceutical companies and government healthcare agencies.

Customers use these solutions to gain access to clinical history and data to further their research & development efforts.

Audubon Bioscience has created a global network of bio specimen samples, achieving this by establishing more than 100 clinical sites — known as “biobanks” — in 12 countries. It’s provided services for more than 40 customers, including the U.S. National Cancer Institute and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Now it’s seeking capital to continue its expansion and develop an e-commerce platform. This platform will enable customers to order specific bio samples online.

Traditionally, procuring bio samples involved extensive time and research. Often, it has to be done by a specially-trained team. For these reasons, most research institutions and biotech companies find it’s easier, and more feasible, to outsource this kind of work. This creates a need for companies like Audubon Bioscience.

As mentioned, Audubon operates using a series of biobanks, a type of bio repository that collects and stores biological samples for research and clinical purposes.

This is a huge industry, valued at an estimated $65 billion globally as of 2020, according to Grandview Research. That’s because these biobanks are crucial for research purposes.

They collect, process, store, and distribute bio specimens. Beyond that, they provide human biological samples and clinical data that can be used in creating life-saving medications and treatments.

With its global network of biobanks, Audubon Bioscience can offer customized procurement and analysis services to each customer. Customers can access a range of bio samples, including tissues, bio fluids like saliva and cerebrospinal fluid, blood, and cells.

The company has extensive de-identified patient clinical records. And these records provide insight into pathology reports, demographic data, treatment data, and custom biomarker data.

In exchange for its samples, Audubon Bioscience charges a fee. These fees are calculated on the type and number of samples provided, as well as the rarity of the samples requested.

Audubon’s global network of biobanks includes sites in the U.S., India, Turkey, Ukraine, and Romania. Since launching in 2016, it’s generated nearly $7 million in lifetime revenue, including $4.1 million in 2020.

Team Background

Dr. Rostyslav Semikov - Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Semikov founded Audubon Bioscience in 2016 after starting a postdoctoral fellowship at Louisiana State University Health Science Center.

Prior to that, he worked in Ukraine as the Head of Development at East West Biopharma, and as a business development manager at KM Techno, an IT services company. He also practiced medicine as a general practitioner before focusing on biomedical research.

He earned a Master’s degree in Global Health Science from Oxford University and an M.D. from Zaporozhye State Medical University in Ukraine.

Maurice Cabirac - President

Maurice joined Audubon in 2016. He focuses on business development and special projects.

Prior to joining the company, he spent more than 20 years at ARC Mechanical Contractors, a general contracting business, serving in various project management roles. Before that, he spent 15 years at a similar mechanical construction company.

He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Southeastern Louisiana University.

Marie Cabirac - Finance

Before joining Audubon, Marie spent her career at McDonough Marine Service, a logistics company.

She earned a Bachelor’s degree from Southeastern Louisiana University.

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