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BoodsKapper is a software-as-a-service company. It’s created an artificial intelligence-based “virtual office assistant” designed to assist technicians and customers.

The company is initially targeting the public housing sector. Future potential industries include the $200 billion medical device distribution market, and the $50 billion routine home maintenance market.

The Federal Housing Choice Voucher Program plays a critical role in addressing housing needs for low-income households.

Its most important advantage is that vouchers give recipients the freedom to choose the kinds of housing that best meet their needs. This helps recipients live in healthy neighborhoods that offer social, educational, and economic opportunities for their families.

The problem is that the public housing authority system is broken. Families wait up to six months for the inspection process on a home to be completed, contributing toward the homelessness problem in America.

At the same time, landlords of these properties lose rent while waiting for tenants to be approved. Furthermore, communication between landlords and potential tenants often has to be done face-to-face. This is inefficient and time-consuming.

BoodsKapper’s solution helps families move into homes more quickly, and helps landlords earn rent instead of waiting for approvals.

Specifically, its virtual assistant focuses on three tasks:

• Assigning work orders and inspections to the proper technician.

• Interacting with customers.

• And providing conversational reporting.

These three skills are required across a number of industries, including medical device delivery, food distribution, and public housing.

While other software products automate work orders, BoodsKapper’s solution is the only one using machine learning to streamline this process. As a result of its technology, inspectors in the public housing sector increase productivity and better coordinate appointments, reducing the number of “no-shows."

In addition, using this assistant, tenants and landlords can communicate more easily than having to schedule in-person meetings or appointments. And because the company’s software is “open-ended,” it can adapt to changing needs of clients and landlords and incorporate new features.

Meanwhile, property managers can access information about inspectors or tenants using the assistant. By “asking” questions on the app through a Siri-like interface, managers can receive immediate information such as an inspector’s location or a property inspection status.

BoodsKapper charges customers a monthly fee to use its software. Pricing is based on the number of users a customer has (for example, the number of inspectors a housing authority company employs).

The company launched its software in August 2018, and has two enterprise clients: Dallas Housing Authority and TreeHouse Foods.

Having Dallas Housing Authority as a client has given BoodsKapper access to 18,000 users from 3,000 landlords and property managers. The housing authority has reported a 30% increase in productivity, a 20% cost in savings, and improved engagement with landlords and clients as a result of using this software.

The company is an SAP Innovation Awards finalist, and has roughly $400,000 in sales lined up for 2019. It plans to use funds raised from this round to further develop its product, and increase sales & marketing efforts.

Long-term, BoodsKapper believes it could be acquired by a number of different sales or data-centric companies. These include SAP, IBM, Google, or Salesforce.

Team Background

Bejoy Narayana - Founder & CEO

Bejoy has 20 years of IT experience, specifically in the areas of supply chain management and artificial intelligence.

He spent five years as an associate partner with IBM (NYSE: IBM), and three years as a senior manager for HCL-Axon, a consulting company.

He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Kerala University in India, and an MBA from NYU.

Kw Leong - Chief Technology Officer

Kw has more than 14 years of software development experience.

Prior to BoodsKapper, he was a senior consultant for HCL Axon, where he spent nearly 10 years and worked with CEO Bejoy Narayana.

He began his career as a software engineer with Motorola (NYSE: MSI), and has experience in areas such as programming and large scale business transformation.

Kw earned a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Buffalo.