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CallingDr is a mobile health platform connecting doctors and patients.

Primarily, it does two things:

* It enables patients to remotely consult with physicians and receive treatment; and

* It enables doctors to reach more patients and reduce treatment costs.

CallingDr has a strong team behind it. Its CEO co-founded Physicians EMR, a company providing medical records that was acquired in 2016. Its Chief Medical Officer has 28 years of clinical experience, and its Chief Technology Officer has experience bringing healthcare products to market.

This team is targeting the $28 billion “telemedicine” market. Telemedicine involves doctors using technology like computers and smartphones to remotely treat patients.

This is a fast-growing market, projected to reach $52 billion by 2025. Today, one-third of U.S. employers offer a telemedicine option for employees. And according to a 2018 Healthcare Strategy survey, 96% of employers plan to make tele-health services available in the future.

Despite this market’s traction, telemedicine has only captured 1% of the U.S. healthcare industry. This means there is significant room for growth.

CallingDr is tapping into this potential with its suite of software for patients and doctors.

The company began as a solution to providing continuous communication between physicians and patients during natural disasters. But CallingDr’s team quickly realized its software could address several critical flaws within the healthcare system, including:

• Rising healthcare costs.

• An aging U.S. population — the number of Americans over 50 will reach 132 million over the next 20 years.

• Excess waste of medical resources.

• And a growing shortage of physicians, expected to reach 120,000 by 2030.

CallingDr’s platform runs on computers, smartphones, and tablets. Its features include:

• HD video visits.

• Secure messaging between doctors and patients.

• Remote patient monitoring technology.

• Appointment reminders.

• Access to patient and family health records.

• And the ability to order prescriptions.

For patients, this platform makes it easy to interact with and consult their physician from the comfort of their home. This eliminates the need to travel to see a physician.

In addition, it enables patients to take ownership of their families’ health records, giving them access through the mobile app.

Finally, the platform integrates with smart devices, collecting and transmitting patient data to physicians for better communication and more frequent health analysis.

As for physicians, CallingDr increases their availability to prescribe treatment, reduces costs associated with missed appointments or “no-shows,” expands their patient base, and provides additional revenue streams.

CallingDr is free for patients. Physicians pay $149 per month and can treat an unlimited number of patients through the platform. When a doctor is consulted, the patient can pay the doctor’s office using the app, or arrange for other forms of payment.

CallingDr launched in May 2018, and has two products up and running:

The first is its mobile platform that enables patients to communicate with doctors and receive treatment remotely…

And the second is called VisitingDr. This is a program doctors use to ensure they receive payment for services conducted outside the office, such as making home visits or treating patients in a nursing care facility.

CallingDr is also developing two more products:

* An on-demand version of its communication platform, which will enable patients to see a physician anytime, anywhere using just their smart phone; and

* FindingDr, an online physician listing and appointment booking service.

CallingDr’s software is used in six states by doctors focused on areas including GI, internal medicine, psychiatry, pulmonology, and cardiology. In addition, the company is conducting a pilot program with a leading nursing home facility in Florida.

The company’s platform is integrated with home health devices from manufacturers including Apple, Omron, and WelchAllyn. It’s also integrated with PointClickCare, a leading electronic health record provider for long-term care institutions.

Moving forward, CallingDr plans to negotiate with insurance companies to help market its platform. More and more insurance companies are promoting telemedicine visits to patients in order to avoid unnecessary ER and hospital visits, saving these companies money.

In addition, it will work with local authorities to provide healthcare access during natural disasters.

Team Background

Adnan Malik - Director & CEO

Adnan's career has been in healthcare and technology.

He spent eight years with Symantec (NASDAQ: SYMC), a software company, managing a team of IT specialists and serving as Senior Manager for Architecture and Development.

In addition, he co-founded Physicians EMR, a company providing medical records that was acquired in 2016.

Throughout his career, Adnan has been awarded multiple U.S. patents and has several others pending.

He earned a Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering.

Dr. M Shaukat - Director & Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Shaukat has nearly 30 years of clinical experience.

He is a board-certified pulmonologist, and previously managed sleep clinics in Florida, which he sold before joining CallingDr.

He has a private medical practice, where he serves as Chief of Staff, and focuses on patients needing critical care.

Kashif Akram - Director & Chief Technology Officer

Kashif is CallingDr’s technology expert, and has more than 18 years of experience in the industry.

He grew a software company to profitability, and has experience bringing healthcare products to market. Multiple products were certified by the Office of the National Coordinator, a division of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

He studied at Hamdard University, Pakistan’s largest private research university.