Helping Consumers Select the "Right" Cannabis

Company Information





Henderson, NV

Cannabiscope helps consumers select the cannabis products that are right for them.

The company's software is designed for retailers and dispensaries in the cannabis industry, and includes a digital "Interactive Wheel."

Using this wheel, customers can search for cannabis products based on their physical and mental effects, flavor, aroma, and remedy.

For example, a consumer looking for a solution to help relieve feelings of pain or nausea can select the product that will be the most effective. This tool can be integrated with existing dispensaries’ point-of-sale systems to easily display their line of products.

In 2018, Cannabiscope conducted two paid pilot tests with cannabis retailers. The company has twelve signed letters of intent from dispensaries planning to use its forthcoming content management system and payment processing platform.

Team Background

Paul Shockley - General Manager
David Schacter - Co-Founder & CEO