AI-Powered Video Management Platform

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Content Management Software


Seattle, WA

CLIPr is changing how companies interact with videos.

Its software enables customers to index and analyze video content, while Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning help make videos searchable, interactive, shareable, and actionable.

Said a former Senior Vice President of Amazon and Apple, “Five years from now, CLIPr will be the platform for enterprise video content.”

This company has already achieved notable success. It’s raised more than six million dollars from investors, including four million dollars from client Poly (NYSE: POLY). This electronics company has a market cap of nearly two billion dollars, and invested in CLIPr to upsell the software to its network of more than 7,000 partners.

Furthermore, CLIPr has attracted clients who have leading business-to-business media engagement platforms in sectors including construction, hospitality, travel, healthcare, and wellness.

The company is on track to bring in more than two million dollars in annual recurring revenue by 2023 — up from $50,000 in ARR right now — and has been issued two patents, with five more pending. It won startup awards at the IBTM TechWatch (2020), Event Tech Live (2021), and the International Association of Exhibitions and Events (2021).

CLIPr is targeting some massive markets, including the seventy-eight-billion-dollar market for virtual events, and the twenty-three-billion-dollar Enterprise Content Management market.

Right now, companies in these markets are bombarded with video content. But combing through it all to find the content they want — sometimes it can be just a few seconds long — is a challenge. The task still requires manually skimming the video. Assistive tools are limited to skipping forward or back ten seconds, or watching at accelerated/slowed speeds.

CLIPr’s technology uses Machine Learning to index every second of a video, making it fully searchable. The software also creates an automated table of contents.

As a CLIPr user, you simply record video from any platform. This software works with enterprise tools such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Cisco Webex, Salesforce, and Google Meet.

Next, CLIPr’s AI enriches the content and learns its context. Users can then find and share video clips, as well as view actionable insights and analysis.

CLIPr offers its software as a freemium product. Users can upload up to five hours of content for free, but then must enroll in a premium subscription. On average, this subscription is less than five dollars per employee.

Team Background

Aaron Sloman - Co-Founder & CTO

Aaron has launched several startups, and has achieved multiple exits.

Most recently, he was Chief Technology Officer for Synaflux, a company focused on media supply chain and video collaboration. Similar to CLIPr, this company uses AI technology to assist with video processing.

Previously, he was Chief Strategy Officer with Veebit, a predictive analysis company focused on big data. Before that, he co-founded Nimble Software Systems, a software company acquired in 2019. Prior to that, he founded speakTECH, a technology consulting firm, which attracted notable customers including Microsoft, Disney, and Dell. This company was acquired in 2010.

Earlier in his career, Aaron worked for Microsoft, spending nearly seven years as a technology specialist and senior architect.

Humphrey Chen - Co-Founder & CEO

Humphrey is a seasoned veteran of the technology industry.

Prior to starting CLIPr, he was Head of Key Initiatives with Amazon Web Services, a division of Amazon. Before that, he was Chief Product Officer for VidMob, an advertising technology company.

Earlier in his career, he worked for Verizon Wireless, where he led the New Technologies division during the launch of the company’s 4G LTE services. Before that, he led competitive strategy within Microsoft’s Real-Time Communication Department.

In addition to his role with CLIPr, Humphrey is an advisor to Noom, a weight loss startup, and GrayMeta, a technology startup.

He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Management Science from MIT and an MBA from Harvard.

Cindy Chin - Co-Founder

Cindy is a serial entrepreneur and venture strategist. In 2018, she was named among the “50 Most Daring Entrepreneurs” by Entrepreneur Magazine.

In addition to her role with CLIPr, she is a NASA “Datanaut,” part of a community of those interested in developing data science skills through the use of NASA’s open-sourced information.

Cindy’s background includes time in the consulting space, where she worked for management consulting firm McKinsey, and professional services firm PricewaterhouseCoopers.

She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Biology from Rutgers University and studied at both the University of Pennsylvania and Stanford Business School.


Sand Hill

Angel investment group made up of Silicon Valley executives and accredited investors. Portfolio includes Swoopt (mobile fantasy sports app) and Nowait (iPad seating app for casual restaurants).

$4 million
$333K (8%)
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$30 million Cap / 0% Discount
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Title III
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  • $4.53 million
  • $1.80 million
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  • Sand Hill
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