Como Audio

High-End "Smart" Speakers For The Home

Company Information





Boston, MA

In 2018, sales of “smart” speakers reached $3 billion.

Como Audio is targeting this market with a line of speakers that, unlike the competition, produce high-quality sound.

The company is led by Founder Tom DeVesto, who has spent 40 years in the consumer audio industry. Two of his previous companies, Tivoli Audio and Cambridge SoundWorks, were acquired.

In two years, Como Audio has generated nearly $2 million in sales. The company has a partnership with Google, enabling its speakers to have Google’s Voice Assistant built in.

Team Background

Bob Brown - Director

Like Thomas, Bob has worked in the audio industry for several decades.

He was President and CEO of Lincolnwood Ltd., a distribution and marketing company for brands including NAD Electronics, Atlantic Technology, and PSB Speakers.

He was President and Chief Operating Officer for Tivoli Audio, and served as Director and COO for Thiel Audio Products.

Prior to joining Como Audio, he ran his own business for 10 years, specializing in financial management and product sourcing.

Bob earned a Bachelor’s in Management and an MBA from the University of Massachusetts Boston.

Thomas DeVesto - Founder & CEO

Thomas is a consumer electronics expert, having spent the past 40 years in the industry.

In 1988, he founded Cambridge SoundWorks, an audio manufacturer and retailer that was acquired in 2000.

In addition, he founded Tivoli Audio, another consumer audio equipment company. Thomas grew the business to $40 million in annual sales, and was instrumental in its acquisition in 2015.

He began his career in the audio industry as VP of Sales and Marketing for Kloss Video Corporation.

Peter Skiera - VP of Product Development

Peter previously worked with Thomas at Tivoli Audio, serving as Senior Product Manager for 15 years.

Prior to that, he was a parts and service coordinator for B&W/Rotel, an audio electronics manufacturer. In addition, he was an assistant store manager at Cambridge SoundWorks.

Peter began his career as a radio DJ, working for a handful of stations in the New England region.

He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication from Emerson College.

Duncan Pool - International Marketing Director

Duncan has 14 years of experience in the audio industry.

He previously served as the International Marketing Director for Tivoli Audio.