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New York, NY

2020 was the year that many industries went “remote.” And that includes healthcare.

Among consumers using technology to track their health, 72% now use a digital assistant to monitor health issues. 75% use one to receive alerts for taking medication.

exClone is targeting these consumers with its virtual Artificial Intelligence doctor called “VOCTOR.”

VOCTOR enables patients to access healthcare resources right from their phone. They can receive a consultation, follow clinically-advised steps, and even absorb health-related information through a series of podcasts.

Compared to other digital health assistants, VOCTOR engages in human-like conversation, and offers more resources than simply diagnosing a patient.

exClone’s virtual doctor has been in operation for the past 18 months, initially guiding patients in the area of emergency contraception. Following the women’s health sector, exClone aims to use VOCTOR to expand to pediatrics, emergency medicine, and mental health.

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Emre Kayaalp - Co-Founder & Chief Medical Officer
Riza Berkan - Co-Founder & President
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