Ghost Tequila

Tequila for "Spicy" Cocktails

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Alcoholic Beverages


Boston, MA

Ghost Tequila is targeting the $4 billion margarita industry. It’s created the first tequila designed for making “spicy” cocktails.

This is a fast-growing niche within the cocktail market. According to Nielsen, the margarita is the best-selling cocktail in the U.S., with 4 million sold every day. And according to a recent CNBC report, the “spicy” margarita became the top trending drink in 2018.

Ghost’s product is 100% agave tequila made with a “splash” of spice. It can be used to make cocktails such as Blood Marias, Palomas, and Margaritas.

In 2018, the company sold 5,000 cases in just its second year of operations. Fewer than 100 tequila brands surpassed that number last year. In addition, Ghost expanded its list of regional distributors to Total Wine and Spirits, Applebee’s, Whole Foods, and Hilton.

In the future, Ghost Tequila could be acquired by a larger company in the alcoholic beverage industry. Diageo, for example, a multinational beverage company, acquired George Clooney’s tequila company Casamigos for $1 billion in 2017.

Team Background

David Gordon - Founder & President
Chris Moran - Founder & CEO