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HelloWoofy is a social media marketing platform driven by Artificial Intelligence and data science.

This platform was created to help small businesses and social media agencies. Using HelloWoofy’s software, customers can better manage their social media accounts and create more effective content.

This year, social media marketing is projected to become a $19 billion industry. This type of marketing is an important way for businesses to reach new customers and raise awareness for their products and services.

But creating, managing, and optimizing content isn’t easy.

Traditional marketing platforms can be complicated to use, and make it hard to keep track of content already published.

Some tools are affordable, but lack the insights marketers need to understand how to improve their content. Marketers often don’t know the answers to questions like:

“Why was that marketing content effective with customers? Why wasn’t it? Was it the words? The overall message? Did it reach the right customers?”

Higher-end tools provide answers to some of these questions. However, teams are still forced to make changes to improve content entirely on their own.

HelloWoofy offers this level of insight at an affordable price. Its software-as-a-service costs $49 per month.

The key to HelloWoofy’s software is its predictive AI technology. As users type messages on social media platforms, this software recommends words, hashtags, and digital icons (known as “Emojis”) that enhance the content.

Adding emojis, in particular, has proven to be an effective marketing strategy. According to a research article from HubSpot (NYSE: HUBS), a marketer of software products for sales companies, emojis in a tweet can increase user engagement by more than 25%. They can also increase the number of “likes” in a Facebook post by 57%.

According to a July 2019 Adobe Email Trend Report, nearly half of respondents said they are more likely to follow a brand on social media if it uses emojis. 44% said they are more likely to purchase products that are advertised using emojis.

After recommending content, HelloWoofy’s software analyzes its effectiveness. It also keeps track of content that’s been posted, ensuring companies don’t re-use similar messages or themes.

All of this happens in a three-step process:

• First, users add content to HelloWoofy’s software. This is when the software analyzes the message, scans for content duplication, and suggests hashtags and emojis.

• Next, users ask HelloWoofy to start the campaign. HelloWoofy asks for dates and auto-detects patterns in the posting schedule.

• Finally, HelloWoofy analyzes the content engagement. Here, it learns from previous posts, alerts the client of any issues, and suggests new content.

HelloWoofy has filed for two patents covering its data science engines, unique technology research, and development efforts.

The company won first prize at Pitch Night NYC and the Entre Startup Competition at Microsoft’s NYC headquarters.

As of Q4 2019, the company is generating revenue, and has more than 1,000 customers.

In November 2019, HelloWoofy launched a collaboration effort with AppSumo, a leading distribution partner for software-as-a-service companies. This will help HelloWoofy target over 850,000 potential customers.

Moving forward, the company aims to reach 15,000 customers by the end of 2020, and plans to conduct a Series A funding round in 2021.

Team Background

Ana Batista - Lead Designer

Ana has seven years of web design experience.

She was Director of Design for StoragePug, a computer software company, and was Lead Product Designer for Envixo, an Internet services company.

She was a User Interface designer with Google, and held the same position with SweetRush, an HR company.

Ana earned a Bachelor’s degree from the Universidade de Santa Catarina and a Master’s degree in Design from the University of Lisbon.

Arjun Rai - Founder & CEO

Arjun has nearly a decade of startup experience.

Before starting HelloWoofy, he founded Wrkbench, a mobile app designed to help creators collaborate on projects. He raised more than $1 million from investors and managed a team of software engineers and designers.

Prior to that, he founded Fuelbrite.com, a social media agency focused on startups. He consulted for half a dozen tech and lifestyle startups and helped them create visual and written content to enhance their brand.

Arjun earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business from the New York Institute of Technology.

Michal Lyskawisnki - Head of AI and Machine Learning

Michal was a machine learning engineer with Rosetta Analytics, an investment management company. Before that, he founded Bellman Labs, which helped companies understand the impact and advantages of applying machine learning to their business.

Earlier in his career, he worked as a consultant, helping companies implement machine learning technology. He also co-founded Hippo, a web-based application helping therapists use machine learning in their line of work.

Michal earned a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering and a Master’s degree in Computer Science from Stevens Institute of Technology.