Kiddie Kredit

Teaching Kids About Finances

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Financial Services Software


Miami, FL

Kiddie Kredit is a mobile app aimed at teaching financial literacy to kids.

With this app, parents teach their kids about credit scores by assigning household chores. As kids complete these tasks, their assigned “Kredit” score goes up. The timeliness of completing each chore and the number of chores completed also factor into a child’s score.

As their score increases, kids can unlock special rewards. These might be for extra screen time, an extended bedtime, or more outdoor time.

By designing its “Kredit” score to mirror the current FICO score metrics, Kiddie Kredit hopes to empower families with a tool that creatively and effectively teaches kids the concept of credit.

Kiddie Kredit was founded in 2018. Since then, it’s participated in 500 Startups Miami, Miami Edtech, ReignVC, and FounderGym entrepreneur growth programs.

Between April 2019 and April 2020, kids completed more than 32,000 chores.

Notably, Kiddie Kredit has a partnership with the Equifax Foundation. This foundation, affiliated with Equifax (NYSE: EFX), is designed to promote financial inclusion and literacy.

Through this partnership, Kiddie Kredit expects to become a key partner in Equifax’s Build Credit movement. This partnership could potentially lead to an acquisition. Equifax has made 20 acquisitions, most recently in July 2020.

Through the Kiddie Kredit app, parents can assign chores to their kids, and personalize each task to fit their requirements. The app automatically generates a library of age-appropriate tasks, which parents can customize. They can also assign varying priority levels so kids can better manage their chores.

To keep the score easy to understand, Kiddie Kredit caps it at 100. The app features a breakdown of how well or poorly the kids are doing.

Kiddie Kredit is still pre-revenue, but will soon implement a freemium business model.

The premium version will feature no ads, unlimited chores, and a digital wallet where parents can store money for their kids. The company anticipates pricing the premium version at $4.99 per month.

In addition, Kiddie Kredit will generate revenue through ads, product recommendation commissions (like opening a savings account for a child at a local bank), and bulk subscription account sales (working with a school).

With funds raised, Kiddie Kredit will develop a second version of its app, and secure partnerships with financial institutions. It will also hire new team members.

Team Background

Victor Moreno - Chief Technology Officer

Victor is a software engineer with experience in a broad range of technology areas. Most recently, he created a mobile app for health tracking and a fitness-related mobile app.

In addition to his role with Kiddie Kredit, he is a front-end engineer with Amazon, where he’s worked since 2019. Before that, he was a technical screener with Triplebyte, an internet services company.

Prior to that, he was a freelance software engineer, which he did after serving as Program Director for TechLaunch, a technology education company.

Earlier in his career, he was a high school teacher and began as a financial representative with Titan Risk Management, a company focused on risk mitigation.

Victor studied Computer Science at Florida International University.

John Saunders - Chief Marketing Officer

John is a digital marketing strategist with more than eight years of experience building brands online.

He is the Founder of 5Four Digital, a web design business. He’s also the Founder of BlackWallet, a blog aimed at instilling financial skills.

Earlier in his career, John was a digital marketing professor with Udemy, an e-learning company. Before that, he was a digital marketing strategist with mph club, an automotive business.

John began as a personal banking representative with BankAtlantic, a banking company based in Florida.

He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Communications from Florida Atlantic University.

Michael Gross - Chief Engagement Officer

Michael has more than 15 years of experience engaging youths on financial education and entrepreneurship.

He is the owner of M.G. Enterprises, a business focused on youth development. Prior to starting this company, he founded WesGold Fellows, a summer internship program aimed at encouraging personal and professional development.

Earlier in his career, Michael worked in real estate for Mosaic Development Partners and Weichert Realtors Group. At the same time, he was Program Director for the West Philadelphia Financial Services Institution.

He earned a degree in Business Administration from Drexel University.

Evan Leaphart - Founder & CEO

Prior to starting Kiddie Kredit, Evan co-founded Black Men Talk Tech, an entrepreneurship collective promoting collaboration between black men in the technology industry.

In addition to his role with Kiddie Kredit, he is on the advisory board of Miami EdTech, a startup accelerator program.

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