Orbital Assembly Corporation

Construction Company for Outer Space

Company Information




Aerospace & Defense


Rocklin, CA

Orbital Assembly Corporation is a construction company focused on the trillion-dollar market for outer space.

Its goal is to design, manufacture, and assemble large-scale structures for space — including commercial space stations, space solar power platforms, and propellant depots.

Initially, Orbital Assembly Corporation plans to build the Voyager Space Station. This station will have artificial gravity, allowing for a permanent in-space workforce to build and maintain large-scale structures.

The company will employ semi-autonomous and teleoperated robots, complemented by spacewalking humans. Voyager Station will also provide opportunities for researchers, commercial companies, and tourists to access space.

Architectural designs for Voyager Space Station and Voyager Alpha (a free-flying space station) have been completed. In addition, one of the company’s first robots — the Demonstration Station Truss Assembly Robot — is under construction. A demonstration is planned for late 2021.

Team Background

John Blincow - Chief Executive Officer
Tom Spilker - Chief Technology Officer
Timothy Alatorre - Chief Operating Officer