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Making Emails Interactive

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New York, NY

SAM turns checking e-mail into an interactive experience.

Its patented technology enables users to perform meaningful actions inside of their own e-mail messages. This includes adding a product to their digital shopping cart, booking an online appointment, or completing a survey — all without leaving the e-mail.

This is a change from the current process, which often involves users clicking links that take them away from their inbox. For companies in the $22 billion e-mail marketing industry, this process limits user engagement, conversion rates, and revenue opportunities.

SAM has investments from JetBlue Technology Ventures and EL AL Airlines. In 2019, the company launched its technology through LATAM Airlines, the largest airline in Latin America.

Passengers were able to select and upgrade their seats, book meals, and generate boarding passes without leaving their e-mails. This resulted in a 200% increase in engagement time, a 500% increase in click-through rates, and a 40% increase in sales.

Team Background

Duncan Sham - Founder & Product Manager
Shi Li - Founder & CEO


El Al Airlines

One of Israel's largest airlines.

JetBlue Ventures

A VC wing of JetBlue Airlines that incubates, and invests in early-stage start-ups. Portfolio includes Lumo (a digital booking solution to avoid flight delays) and Skyhour (a platform enabling users to gift air travel).

$127K (51%)
Current Valuation
$19.90 million
Min. Investment
Deal Type
Title III
(For all investors)
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Finance History
  • $659K
    (Convertible Note)
  • $50K
Notable Investors
  • El Al Airlines
  • JetBlue Ventures
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