Speedy Eats

The Next Evolution in Fast Food

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Baton Rouge, LA

Drive-thrus make it easy to grab a quick bite. Speedy Eats just made it even easier.

This company has built an automated, standalone kitchen that serves high-quality meals for walk-up, drive-thru, or delivery.

These machines make meals 24/7, enabling restaurants and food companies to expand their business — offering food well beyond their brick-and-mortar locations. For example, a restaurant can set up a kitchen in an empty parking lot across town, enabling hungry customers to stop by for a convenient meal.

Each kitchen serves warm and cold items, along with sides and beverages. Food is stored in individual airtight enclosures and cooked in a convection oven. The kitchens can integrate with third-party companies like DoorDash, enabling users to place delivery orders.

Speedy Eats is targeting the quick-service restaurant and food delivery markets, both valued at $100 billion. The company has developed a working prototype of its kitchen.

Team Background

Frederic Bancroft - Founder & CEO
Adam Enamorado - Chief Operating Officer
$1.07 million
$130K (12%)
Current Valuation
$21 million
Min. Investment
Deal Type
Title III
(For all investors)
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