Tap Systems, Inc.

A Wearable "Smart" Keyboard

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Pasadena, CA

Tap Systems has created a wearable device that allows you to create text, control a mouse, and send commands to any digital device — just by tapping your fingers on any surface. It’s as quick and easy as using a conventional keyboard.

The device, called Tap Strap One, consists of a set of rings that sense finger taps to control input. Using it, you can type text and send commands to any Bluetooth-enabled device. This includes smartphones, tablets, computers, “smart” TVs, and wearable devices.

The Tap Strap One was brought to market in February 2018, and the company has customers in more than 40 countries.

Tap Systems CEO David Schick invented digital dental x-ray technology, and founded Schick Technologies, which went public five years after launching. President Sabrina Kemeny co-invented image sensor chip technology that’s used in a majority of today’s digital cameras. She founded a technology that was later sold to Micron.

Team Background

Sabrina Kemeny - Co-Founder & President
David Schick - Co-Founder & CEO