VibeTech Enterprises

NASA-Inspired Technology for Reducing Falls

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Medical Technology


Sheboygan, WI

VibeTech Enterprises is using vibration technology to help seniors and those recovering from injuries.

Originally developed to reduce bone atrophy in astronauts during spaceflights, this technology contracts and exercises muscles, enabling those who suffer from impaired mobility — e.g., seniors and injured military veterans — to regain their independence.

The technology is based on the principle that vibration that occurs naturally through a person’s feet and legs as they walk can be replicated to stimulate tissue in the body. This helps strengthen their joints and reduces the chance that they fall down as they move.

VibeTech won the 2020 McKnight’s Excellence in Technology “Innovator of the Year” Award. And the company holds more than a dozen issued or pending patents.

VibeTech has proven its technology through more than 20,000 patient treatments. Now it’s raising capital to finish development of a smaller, more affordable version of its technology and bring it to market.

Team Background

Jeff Leismer - Founder & CEO
Edward Morgan - Chief Financial Officer
$1.07 million
$91K (9%)
Current Valuation
$14 million
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Title III
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  • $123K
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