You, Only Virtual (YOV)

Communicate With Loved Ones — Even After They’ve Passed

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Conferencing & Communication Software


Los Angeles, CA

You, Only Virtual (YOV) has developed technology that keeps communication going between living individuals and loved ones who have passed on.

With the YOV platform, users are connected with virtual personas — known as Versonas — which capture the authentic essence of an individual’s personality, even after they’re no longer around. This system uses Artificial Intelligence mapping and machine learning to ensure relationships remain genuine, and the nuances of the most important conversations are never lost.

YOV recently introduced a beta version of its technology and has a waitlist of more than 10,000 future customers.

Team Background

Justin Harrison - Founder & CEO
Liane Adkins - Chief Operating Officer
$1.24 million
$12K (1%)
Current Valuation
$11.99 million
Min. Investment
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Title III
(For all investors)
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