100% Profits in 4 Weeks

By Wayne Mulligan, on Thursday, April 18, 2019

In yesterday’s article, we showed you why micro-caps are so powerful:

Not only can they help you earn enormous returns, but they can also lower your risk!

But today, I’ll reveal another key benefit of investing in micro-caps.

As you’ll see, this benefit could help you earn triple-digit profits fast.

Let me explain…

Consistently Big Profits over Time

“Micro-caps” offers individual investors a highly compelling opportunity…

For just a few dollars, you can own a stake in a potentially explosive company — a small, publicly traded company that has enormous upside potential.

Multiple studies have proven that the smaller a stock’s market cap, the better it performs. For example, yesterday, we showed you a study from the economists, Fama-French.

And today, we’ll show you the results of a study from Morningstar…

Morningstar determined that a $1,000 investment into large stocks in 1926 would have grown to $2,592,000 by 2009.

But over the same time period, a $1,000 investment into small caps would have grown to $12,231,000 — that’s nearly 500% more.

But as I mentioned a moment ago, it’s not just that micro-caps deliver bigger gains…

It’s that gains can get delivered to you fast.

To show you what I mean, here are a few recent examples.

Double Your Money in a Month

Take a look at this chart for CEL-SCI (CVM):


CEL-SCI is a biotech micro-cap.

It’s currently doing Phase 3 clinical trials for a new drug for head & neck cancer.

For the past six months, shares of CVM have been trading for less than $3…

But a few weeks ago, based on news related to its encouraging Phase 3 results, shares soared to nearly $6.

In less than a month, investors doubled their money.

And because CEL-SCI is publicly traded, investors could cash out of their positions and take their profits right away!

That’s the power of micro-caps: explosive upside potential, coupled with the ability to take your profits whenever you’d like.

And here are a couple of other recent examples…

327% Gains in 4 Weeks

Take a look at this chart for ATA, Inc. (ATAI):


Similar to CEL-SCI, after treading water for some time, shares of this education company recently soared…

Shares rocketed from $1 per share to more than $3 — a 200% gain in less than a month!

And it’s a similar story for PhaseBio Pharmaceuticals (PHAS)…


In just four weeks, this company’s shares shot up from just $3.30 per share to more than $14 — that’s a lightning-fast 327% gain.

And again, because companies like these are publicly traded, investors could cash out of their profits at any time.

The Micro-Cap Advantage

To be clear, privately held startups — like the ones we’ve been featuring on Crowdability for years — are the single most profitable asset class in the world.

But micro-caps do offer one advantage over startups:

You can cash out of your “winners” whenever you’d like!

Next week, we’ll reveal yet another key benefit of micro-caps:

Simply put, they provide a conservative way to profit from emerging sectors.

In fact, starting next Wednesday, we’ll show you how you could use micro-caps to profit from one of the most explosive new markets in the world today.

So stay tuned!

Best Regards,
Wayne Mulligan
Wayne Mulligan


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