How to Kill Your Cable Internet Company

By Wayne Mulligan, on Thursday, July 9, 2020

Yesterday, Matt shared some extraordinary breakthroughs happening in the “space-tech” industry.

He also shared important research on an opportunity we’ve been tracking, as well as a specific investment recommendation.

But as he mentioned, there’s also a second space investment we have our eye on…

And not only could this investment help KILL your cable internet company (and save you thousands of dollars each year)…

But at the same time, it could also help you earn a massive 48,750% profit!

Sick of Slow & Expensive Internet?

You and I, along with 300 million+ other Americans, pay a fortune for some of the worst internet service in the world.

The internet in the U.S. is so slow, it doesn’t even rank in the Top 10 worldwide.

In fact, not a single U.S. state meets the requirements to be considered “broadband” internet!

Compare that to Iceland…

Iceland’s population is so sparse that its phone book lists residents by first name…

But when it comes to internet speed, it’s ranked 15 spots higher than the U.S.

Even Venezuela (a country where 8 out of 10 people don’t have enough money for food) provides mobile internet service that’s twice as fast as in the U.S.

You’re Being Ripped Off!

But it’s not just that our internet service is worse than that of third world countries…

To add insult to injury, we’re also forced to pay through the nose for it!

Historically, companies like Comcast and Verizon have gleefully raised the price of their services at FOUR TIMES the rate of inflation.

The average American now pays $132 a month for their ultra-slow internet and cable service.

And meanwhile, in South Korea — which has the best service in the world — customers pay just $28 a month for broadband that’s four times faster than ours!

This is highway robbery. And frankly, it sickens me.

Essentially, the oligarchy of Time Warner, Verizon, and Comcast has been granted a legal monopoly over this market — that’s why these villains have gotten away with it.

But now, everything is about to change…

The New Space Race

We recently identified a tiny company that has the potential to dismantle and crush the cable internet monopoly…

You see, this company’s tech could deliver lightning-fast internet to you, anywhere on earth...

And thanks to its breakthrough, you could potentially get it for just a few bucks a month!

The secret here is simple:

This company doesn’t need to run expensive copper and fiberoptic cables into your home…

Instead, its technology has the potential to “beam” internet to your computer or mobile phone — directly from space!

Bloomberg says this will be like “Internet delivered from the heavens.”

And as you’re about to learn…

Not only could this make your life much easier and save you a tremendous amount of money…

But it could also make you very rich…

Turn $100 into $48,750 With One Investment

That’s because this tiny private company is accepting investments from investors like you…

In fact, with as little as $100, you could claim your stake in this company right now.

But I have to warn you, you’ll need to act quickly…

This profit opportunity could disappear as soon as September 19th, 2020.

To learn more about this opportunity — including how to claim your stake in this company — simply click here now »

Best Regards,
Wayne Mulligan
Wayne Mulligan

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