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Explosive Small-Cap Profits

As Matt explained yesterday… If you want all the upside potential of an early-stage startup investment… With almost none of the drawbacks… Then small-cap tech stocks are a fantastic option. In fact, a major study from the University of Chicago found that small-caps outperformed large-caps by a huge margin, and…

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The Best Investment I Ever Made

We often write about the extraordinary returns you could make in early-stage investing. And while investing in the private markets tends to be more profitable than investing in stocks, it’s not the most profitable investment I ever made. Today, I want to tell you the story of my most profitable…

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Breaking: 4,726 Colleges Set to Close

The United States has 4,726 colleges and universities. To attend these institutions, students spend nearly $600 billion per year—that’s $393 billion for tuition, and $196 billion on expenses like travel and housing. But a fascinating new technology has recently emerged, and it’s raising the possibility that all of those institutions—and even…

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Shark Attack: Is Your Money Safe?

In the late 90’s, Americans became more entertained by the stock market than by major league sports. By combining money with entertainment, CNBC’s financial shows started attracting more viewers than ratings-heavyweight ESPN. As millions of investors tuned in to watch personalities like Jim Cramer weigh in on specific stocks, trading activity among individual…

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